The distribution industry is one that is pertinent to the trade supply throughout the nation. As this sector is responsible for transporting and delivering goods throughout the country, the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration states that wholesale trade sales are a...

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As a fresh produce distributor, you are required to uphold best safety practices to ensure the quality of the product and prevent contamination and food-borne illness. From the handling of the produce to the interior and exterior of the building, it’s critical to abide by the regulations set fort...

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The wholesale industry is a complex one, and it is not without its challenges. From hiring and training processes to workers’ compensation claims, wholesalers are subjected to a lot of potential exposures. With that said, a critical part of risk management is ensuring operations run smoothly, red...

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Proper washing techniques are necessary in order to reduce the potential spread of pathogens and microbial food hazards in the distribution industry. As most contamination of fruits and vegetables lies on the surface of the produce, this is an important risk management step. Therefore, in order t...

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Green jobs are surging in to ease concerns about a growing shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry.

According to a new SmartMarketReport from McGraw-Hill Construction (“Construction Industry Workforce Shortages: Role of Certification, Training and Green Jobs in Filling the Gaps”...

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For retailers, creating a great in-store experience isn’t enough to retain customers. Consumer-Retailer relations are now based on a multidimensional approach. From the in-store experience to online eCommerce and the rise of mobile apps, consumers connect with retailers outside of traditional out...

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The phrase “going green” encapsulates a number of ideas from solar-power to recycling and sustainable materials. Now, commercial buildings have caught onto the trend. Below are a list of the ways that commercial buildings are going green, and why it matters, according to Industry Leaders Magazine.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released their 2010 assessment of green jobs in the U.S. economy. Michigan has a strong hold in the industry, ranking No. 12 among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

In 2010 nearly 80,000 Michigan natives worked at businesses “that produce goods and p...

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Smartphones have revolutionized the working world. They allow business owners to work on the go, accessing their email, downloading documents, collecting payments and even depositing checks all from a single device. They help keep colleagues connected; but how do they fit into the workplace?

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Insurance Services

  • Risk Management Review

    When you call Capital Insurance Group for your business insurance needs, you’ll immediately notice what distinguishes us from other insurance agencies. You’ll gain access to more than ten insurance professionals who are Certified Insurance Counselors and Risk Managers with over 175 years of combined insurance experience. You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of your operation with an action plan that includes a risk management review to address your various exposures, contain costs and improve your bottom line. We’ll recommend best-in-class insurance products from leading insurance companies with which we have longstanding relationships, enabling us to provide you with their best pricing.
  • General Liability Insurance

    Southeast Michigan is home to the majority of businesses and industry in our state including manufacturing, construction, technology, food service and healthcare. Capital Insurance Group is proud to serve many of these industries and businesses among others that make up the fabric of our great state.
  • Property Coverage

    Capital Insurance Group is well positioned to provide you with the property insurance your business requires – whether you operate a small Main-Street store, a large construction company or a technology firm with clients across the country. From basic risks to the more complex, our Certified Insurance Counselors and risk managers are experienced in providing the coverage features, terms and limits needed to protect your property in the event of a loss. We will review your existing coinsurance clauses, deductibles and any exclusions to see how responsive your property insurance is. We will also assess your property exposures and look at the cost to replace your structure and business personal property in the event of a loss so you are properly insured.
  • Cyber Coverage

    Large corporations making headline news are not the only ones vulnerable to data breaches. A recent insurance study shows that four out of 10 midsized businesses have experienced a breach in the past three years with many firms increasingly viewing cyber as a major risk. Small businesses are also exposed to data breaches: According to the National Small Business Association, 44% of respondents to a survey last year had been victims of at least one cyber attack. Moreover, data breaches affect all industry segments – from healthcare to technology, food, real estate, retail, etc. Exposures exist not only from attacks on a firm’s own IT systems but also from those involving a supplier or vendor.Capital Insurance Group offers cyber liability insurance coverage tailored to your business operation and the industry in which you serve. Policies and coverage sub-limits vary widely from one insurance company. Therefore, it’s important to work with professionals experienced in this area.
  • D&O Coverage

    Directors and officers today have an extensive range of emerging and connected risk exposures to consider while also facing increased scrutiny. Investors, employees and regulators among others are closely looking at the decisions directors and officers make and the impact they have on the business. Cyber security, for example, has become a potential big risk for management, particularly if data breaches lead to big losses. Allegations of employment practices violations is another issue resulting in claims filed against management. Litigation in the face of a merger or acquisition (M&A) also continues to be a significant D&O exposure.Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability insurance from Capital Insurance Group will help you address and transfer these risks, providing coverage for corporate and individual assets. Whether you own a public or private business or run a nonprofit, D&O Insurance is coverage you can’t go without in today’s highly litigious environment.
  • EPL Insurance

    The employment practices landscape over the last several years has become somewhat of a minefield for employers. You have agencies such as the EEOC adopting proactive strategies to stem potential discriminatory and other workplace practices. There is ambiguity when it comes to certain issues causing confusion for businesses, such as the implementation of employee wellness programs and how these square with the Affordable Care Act and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). There are state and federal laws that cover employee background checks and under what circumstances they can be conducted requiring special attention. These are just a few of the complex issues facing today’s employers. Even with policies and procedures in place, a firm can easily find itself facing an employment-related lawsuit.
  • E&O Insurance

    Professionals across a broad spectrum of industries are relied upon for their experience, expertise and ability to deliver. Whether you’re an attorney working on a company merger, an architect designing a home or an accountant managing your client’s wealth, there is a standard of care that must be met. Yet things still can go wrong, even for those firms with strong best practices in place. The result can be costly when allegations are made claiming financial damages due to an error, omission or negligence as a result of the professional services you provide.That’s when Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance steps in. Also known as Professional Liability, E&O coverage is designed to protect a company and its practitioners from devastating expenses as result of litigation, settlements and damage awards. Without E&O insurance, you could be looking at having to pay significant expenses on your own – even if the allegations made against you are meritless.
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance

    If your organization handles employee funds through savings or retirement plans and employee benefit plans of all designs, you should be carrying fiduciary liability insurance. Either the benefits plan or the employer that sponsors it can be insured. Fiduciary liability coverage protects against claims that money or benefits have been mishandled to the detriment of the complainant.Accusations of misconduct may involve an error or negligence in administering a plan. Some claims allege misinterpretation of plan documents, while others allege plan participants were provided poor investment options. Misrepresentation of investments and mishandled enrollment or other paperwork can also lead to claims, and participants can file for recompense if they feel they’ve received bad advice or faulty instructions. Claims also arise when plans are terminated as a result of company mergers and in the process possible reduction in pension benefits have occurred.
  • Fleet Auto Insurance

    Fleet auto insurance provides coverage for business autos you own in addition to personal, non-owned, or hired autos used for your business. This means that the policy will protect you and your business when an employee drives his or her personally owned vehicle for company business.You’ll get protection when someone gets hurt if you or an employee causes an accident while driving a vehicle owned or used by your business, and your company is found responsible for any personal injury or property damages caused to others. You can also get collision coverage to protect your business from financial loss if a vehicle you own or rent is damaged in an accident. In addition, comprehensive coverage provides insurance for your business when damage to your vehicles is caused by a variety of risks including fire, lightning, theft, hail and flood.
  • Loss Control Measures

    Our goal at Capital Insurance Group is to provide you with a comprehensive, affordable insurance program that addresses the varied exposures your businesses face. From numerous liability exposures to property risks and much more, we are committed to providing you with broad insurance coverage that responds in the event of an accident, injury or loss. We are also equally committed to minimizing your risk through effective claims management and loss control.
  • Workers’ Compensation

    While both mandatory and necessary to protect your firm and your employees when injuries or accidents occur on the job, workers’ compensation insurance represents a significant expenditure for businesses. To reduce these costs, it’s essential to make safety a priority in your operation. Capital Insurance Group can assist you with on-the-job safety in addition to looking at a broad range of factors that affect your workers’ compensation costs and what you’re paying.
  • Construction Insurance

    The construction industry in Detroit and Southeast Michigan is responsible for many jobs, new projects and renovations designed to revitalize business areas. In addition, we are seeing a boon in new construction in the city of Detroit.Capital Insurance Group insures many construction firms, developers, general contractors, trade contractors, providing a broad selection of industry-specific coverages to protect against liability and property risks. We also can secure the surety bonds needed for the bidding and performance process to help firms land projects and safeguard their assets while a project is underway. We provide custom programs for the simplest projects to the most complex, large-scale risks for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


a year ago
I started dealing with Capital Insurance over 40 years ago when Herb Sandler was the man in charge. The relationship I had with him, I still have with his Son Scott. I put my my full trust and confidence in Capital to handle all my insurance needs. In over 40 years no problems. They may not have been Capital back then, I don't remember. But same great service.
- william b
a year ago
I have been insured with Capital Insurance group for 25 years with rental houses, private home and autos. I have always received first class service and found a helpful friendly attitude with any claims.
- Wally R
4 months ago
Ask for Phil nice guy & fair price
- Craig M

About Capital Insurance Group:

At Capital Insurance Group, our approach is different from most that serve intermediaries between their insurance companies and clients to provide quotes or make policy changes. Anyone can do that. We earn your business with valued services throughout the year. This includes assessing your risks when we first review your account to protect your business and profits, and performing a stewardship review on an ongoing basis to confirm that the insurance and risk management strategies we implemented continues to be aligned with yours. We perform claims analysis, contract reviews and policy audits to determine loss trends, pinpoint hidden and emerging risks, coverage gaps, and any overpayments you may be making.

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